Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

And Other Tools & Practices for the Human Embodiment 



Welcome to BIOPOETICS!


Biopoetics is a northern New Mexico-based Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) clinic started in 2015 by Meridian Johnson, licensed practitioner and owner.


With thriving practices in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, Meridian Johnson offers a variety of supportive tools and practices for the "human embodiment." These words describe an ideal and philosophy about what it means to live in health and wellbeing inside a human body. Who or what is embodied in human form? At Biopoetics, Meridian honors the whole person--spirit, emotions, heart, intellect--all present through the apparatus that is the amazing animate human body. 


The  word "biodynamics" refers to the study of physical motion or dynamics in living systems. The term "biopoetics," borrowed from the literary world, is the idea that we can understand living beings through the aliveness that we share with them. Meridian therefore uses the term "biopoetics" to describe and celebrate the living poetry, or "aliveness," found within every human being. In her words, "We are a living poetry, a dance of life force, in-motion, embodied within the mysterious boundaries of human form." In short, this what is meant by "human embodiment."


Meridian Johnson is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®), licensed massage therapist, teacher, certified HeartMath® Coach-Mentor, and inner guidance coach, as well as an established poet/writer in the world. Uniquely, Meridian has a deep understanding and appreciation of language in combination with extensive knowledge and experience of the living anatomy, physiology, and energetic systems of the human body. Where word meets body and communication meets communion, this is the magic you will experience at Biopoetis.


Through twelve years of experience in group facilitation and ceremonial work, Meridian has developed a singular coaching method that allows individuals to achieve a potent sense of wellness, creativity, and inner-guidance. Meridian also teaches theme-based poetry/nonfiction writing classes to private groups, beginning and experienced writers alike. In 2017, Meridian will offer two eight-week online writing courses for women.


For more information about Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, or to schedule a session click here. For private HeartMath or inner guidance coaching sessions, click here


In addition to offices in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, Meridian also offers distance sessions via Skype, and in special cases BCST sessions and coaching opportunities in Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, Minnesota and throughout Europe. 


Check back here soon to find updates on what's happening next at Biopoetics!


In the meantime, we encourage you to organize your mind around the possibility that abundant health, happiness & freedom-of-expression can be cultivated in all areas of your life!


Let's thrive & create together!