Usually our Sunday services are held at 8am-9:15am MT, once a month via Zoom. We are currently pausing to care for other elements of family and community. For more info, click HERE.  




Depth-Journey/Wilderness Ceremony

During your wilderness ceremony you will heal, purify, and increase a sense of clarity about the direction of your life. Touch down with the earth and the stars. Rekindle the light of your soul and its depth-knowing. Release your limiting beliefs. Surrender your hesitances and resistances during Embodiment Quest to be opened and filled with renewed vision. Start your transformational journey HERE.




2.5 Year Earth Consciousness Training 

What do we incorporate into our Being by choice? What, instead, by default through social, spiritual, or ancestral contract? In Advanced Embodiment Training we begin by deepening our relationship with our human nervous systems. Then, through utilizing safety in our togetherness we probe many essential questions. How clearly do we perceive the availability of our conscious choice in our daily lives? How does God-Source express itself through our aliveness or dysfunction? Deepen your Foundations Embodiment Training by learning to see what cannot be seen, touch what cannot be touched, hear what cannot be heard. This potential- of paradox reconciled- can serve to integrate separations within us and our collective human experience. By application only. Inquire HERE. 




Year-Long Habit R/evolution

Together in a growth-oriented community we secure our daily rhythm of thrive. In body, mind, heart, and soul. Discovering consistent health & wellness support from the rhythms and natural cycles of the earth, we come to sense our deeper purpose for being alive. Start your transformational journey HERE