The term Biopoetics, borrowed from the literary world, is the idea that we can understand living beings through the aliveness that we share with them.


We therefore use the term Biopoetics to describe and celebrate the living poetry or "aliveness" found within every human being.


What more do we desire than to truly live, and in togetherness with one another? 


Well, we do want more than this. We want consistent vital energy. We want mental clarity. We want our bodies to be working well for us. We want longevity and freedom from anxiety. We want success in all things.


The whole range of human experience constitutes a living poetry, a dance of life force in-motion, embodied within the mysterious boundaries of human form.


How we live in our form matters. How much health we experience is crucial for our quality of life.


All the good, bad, and ugly of living in a human body is represented in what we mean by the words human embodiment. 


The total picture of our soul-living-in-form is up for review when we arrive at Biopoetics. 


Why do you want to heal? What would you do if you felt better? What do you live for? Why are you here on Planet Earth? 


What's at stake? What would you give to have better health and vitality? 

We want to hear your story. 



Biopoetics began in the spring of 2014 as northern New Mexico-based Complementary & Alternative Therapies clinic. Biopoetics Ministries was founded in 2021 as a service-based non profit private memberships association with an emphasis on building community and serving the broader spiritual, emotional, and mental needs of individuals seeking to live a rich and vital inner (and outer) life.


At both Biopoetics and Biopoetics Ministries we offer a variety of supportive tools and practices for the Human Embodiment. 


ABOUT MERIDIAN JOHNSON (Practitioner/Biopoetics Ministries founding Minister)


Meridian is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®), Wholistic Kinesiology practitioner (WK®), Wholistic Methylation practitioner, licensed massage therapist, certified HeartMath® Coach-Mentor, Inner-Guidance Coach, as well as an established teacher/poet/writer in the world.


From Meridian: Uniquely, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the somatic crossroads between thoughts, feelings, sensations and language itself. The words we use with ourselves and others have tremendous power. I also have extensive knowledge of physiology, nutrition, and energetic systems of the human body--and the innate communication therein. 




Through seventeen years of experience in group facilitation and ceremonial work, I have developed a singular coaching method that allows individuals to achieve a potent sense of wellness, creativity, and inner-guidance. I also teach theme-based poetry/nonfiction writing classes to private groups, beginning and experienced writers alike.


In addition to clinical offices in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, I offer distance sessions and year-long coaching programs via Zoom, and in special cases I make sessions, ceremonies, and coaching opportunities available in Portland, OR, Minneapolis, MN, Southern CA, and throughout Europe. 


If you would like to get in touch, please contact me HERE