First appointments are $156 plus sales tax and last 90 minutes in person or at a distance.


During the first session we will conduct an in-depth health interview, routine body system evaluation, and possible manual therapy when necessary. You are the ultimate authority on your journey to health. Your specific health goals and areas of desired improvement guide every session.


Follow up appointments are $108 plus sales tax and last 60-75 minutes. When appropriate, we offer shorter 45-minute sessions ($65) for nervous system balancing and supplement program adjustments or general health questions.


We are available by phone or email during office hours to answer brief questions. If you need a longer conversation with us between appointments, we charge $30 for 15-minute phone consultations, $60 for 30-minute phone consultations.


HeartMath Coach-Mentor sessions are offered in 4-sessions increments. Inner Guidance Coaching sessions are offered in 12-session increments over a minimum of three months. We take long-term coaching clients on a limited basis. Please inquire about coaching prices and payment options. 


NOTE: RATE INCREASE will take place November 1st, 2023. New clients will be charged $180 plus tax for first time appointments. Follow up appointments will be $125 plus tax. 30 minute phone consultations will be $75 and 15 minute sessions will be $40. 



Payments for sessions, supplements, nervous system balancing or any other service must be made at the time of the appointment. Preferred payment methods include cash, check, or Venmo. We are also able to take credit and debit cards but we request a 1.5 percent surcharge to cover the increased cost of Square payment transactions. If you have financial concerns that compromise your ongoing care at Biopoetics please request a conversation with us. 



We request 24 hours notification for cancellations. If you miss more than one appointment or frequently cancel on short notice a cancellation fee will be assessed. We always strive to be generous with our time and energy, and in doing so we request your kindness and consideration in return. 



We offer discounted rates for the children (17 and younger) of my primary clients. You must be present during the entirety of your child’s appointment. The time required ranges from 20 minutes with babies and younger children to 1 hour for teens. 



While our clinic is not subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

(HIPPA), your privacy and confidentiality are held in the highest regard. What happens in the clinic stays in the clinic. When appropriate, we are willing to work with other healing arts practitioners on your support team, but we request your expressed consent in writing before sharing health-related information with another practitioner.