You are the architect of your life.

Your health is your foundation-- a daily, conscious, dynamic, evolving, & lifelong sacred practice.

How good might you feel if you consistently improved your habits everyday?

What might you build in this world with a healthier, freer, body, mind & soul?

Let's find out!


Epic Body: A Year of Habit [R]evolution


Journey begins January 5th, 2022

Enrollment: 20 members


The EPIC BODY yearlong journey provides you with step-by-step group coaching instruction to catalyze your health & wellness habits for improved digestion, increased energy & stamina, and more present & peaceful living.


You will develop your own habit code to optimize your potential for resilience. Then with a strong, disease-resistant body, and a focused and calm mind, you will begin to deepen your intuition and discover a more spirited sense of freedom in your life. 


Experience the connection and positive support of a loving, growth-oriented community focused on health and self-care during this time of increased isolation. 


What do you want to do with your one miraculous life? What is the cost to you in not cultivating the life you actually desire? If not now, when?


By learning and implementing 10 time-tested, practical habits from Ayruveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other earth-wisdom teachings you will gradually redefine your relationship with your body, mind, and soul. These tools have been used for over 5,000 years, and they work! 


Do you want to:

  • transform patterns of pain & distress?
  • sleep better, lose weight, & feel more energized?
  • heal old traumas?
  • find more meaning in your life?
  • evolve your identity?
  • align with your soul's purpose?


In one year you will:

  • practice & establish 10 transformational body habits 
  • automate a soulful daily routine 
  • rejuvenate by restoring rhythmic living 
  • reset your relationship with food 
  • establish calendar integrity for increased follow-through
  • implement simple scalable changes to your daily life
  • deepen communication with your body's own wisdom
  • develop and live your own wellness metric
  • transform patterns of inflammation, fatigue, chronic pain, poor sleep etc.
  • detoxify your body, mind, and senses
  • create more space (i.e. lose weight, release stress, declutter)
  • improve relationships by prioritizing your needs & wants
  • discover conscious & unconscious sources of your body symptoms 
  • recognize unconscious patterns and change/evolve through them
  • discover the deeper symbology of your dreams
  • inspire new & unimagined potentials 
  • author your life with more coherency, vitality, and joy
  • awaken love and appreciation for your body and your being


Your annual membership to EPIC BODY includes:

  • weekly dynamic group coaching calls
  • soulful one-on-one individualized coaching support through 4-seasons
  • spring/fall Epic Body detox challenge (plus 1 guest pass for each detox)
  • monthly bonus office hour calls with Meridian
  • monthly guest speakers on a variety of topics
  • access to bonus video content on Ayruveda, yoga, and healthy living
  • support from other Epic Body community members with shared goals
  • bonus western astrology birthday insights

Quarter One (Winter) Dreaming

-Begin learning 10 new habits, with the awareness that you don't need to be perfect or transform overnight.

-Learn about the science of habit change and ways to work with your brain to create lasting shifts. 

-Experience immediate positive changes in your digestion, mood, energy level, and clarity of self-awareness. 

-Fall easefully into incremental change with no need to "push" (the way culture does). 

-Begin to discover (or remember) a daily rhythm that feels supportive to you. 





Quarter Two (Spring) Emerging

-Equipped with the 10 habits you can now begin to play with habit stacking, determining for yourself how your new routine fits together.

-Become aware of when you are in integrity (and when you are not), and learn to shift more quickly back into alignment.

-Observe and learn from your emotions, thought patterns, and body sensations. 

-Discover the need in the moment and meet yourself with self-respect and self-love. 

-Note how your vision of your ideal self might be changing as your imagination opens to new possibilities.





Quarter Three (Summer) Maturing

-The 10 habits are now feeling familiar; you're embodiment of these practices supports more happiness and physical strength. 

-You struggle less and less in shifting your behaviors; habit automation brings a gracefulness to your day.

-Your mind is clearer and you're experiencing more easefulness. 

-You are open and awake to the changes you'd still like you make. Your internal Appreciator sees your daily gains and isn't as compelled by lack or the missing pieces.





Quarter Four (Fall) Transforming

-Your mind and body have become more grounded and resilient. 

-You begin harvesting gems from other areas of your life, past expeirences, and old hurts. 

-You feel the milestone of healing something that you didn't know needed healing. 

-You begin to perceive deeper alignment with your growing sense of life-purpose

-You look back and feel a sense of achievement at the changes you've made thus far.

-You experience an upgrade in the way you relate to relationships old and new. 

-You wake refreshed in the morning, knowing you have a structure of rhtymn supporting you in your day. As a result you are free to be more present to everyone and everything in your life experience. 


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