Biopoetics Coaching

Meridian's clients have called her a "professional guide." While she offers three distinct coaching approaches, each session is a synthesis of tools and practices specific to the individual or small group. Biopoetics Coaching is a synthesis of the following coaching approaches:


Inner Guidance Coaching: a way of inviting all of Life's energies to participate in supporting you in your most exciting creative and healing endeavors. Meridian assists clients in finding and cultivating their own unique guidance systems, teaching a form of spiritual self-reliance, trust, and inner resource.


Four-session HeartMath® Coach-Mentor series: these sessions are for individuals and small groups interested in learning the foundational resiliancy tools and practices designed by HeartMath Institute. HeartMath Inc. was established in 1991 to help individuals, organizations and the global community to incorporate the heart's intelligence into their day-to-day experience. HeartMath tools and practices connect heart and science to greatly reduce stress, build resiliency, and empower you to unlock one's natural intuitive guidance.


Biopoetics Coaching for artists and writers: Meridian coaches you to courageously pursue your most urgent creative work in the world. She describes these coaching sessions as helping the artist to "drop the seed to the ground." These sessions are very specific to the individual. Meridian uses improvisational methods to help you leverage your creative freedom while also developing personal accountability to your art. 


We live in a vastly creative universe and support is all around us. Meridian recognizes that we are constantly collaborating with this vastness and our relationship to it becomes the container through which we can heal and grow ourselves at the deepest levels. Biopoetics Coaching is one form of support that inspires and encourages this to happen. 


For more information contact Meridian directly at (505) 697-0140 or Meridian {at} biopoetics {dot} com.