For as long as humans have lived, there have been emergent traditions of Hands on Healing. From shaking medicine, the biblical "laying on of hands," to bone setting, acupuncture, and modern versions of chiropractic, sports medicine and physical therapy (the list is long), practioners have deciphered the language of the human body and used this knowledge to alleviate suffering. 


Despite modern technological advancements in the extensive fields of biotechnology, humans today (thankfully) continue to help other humans heal and balance their bodies by applying hands-to-body contact. Direct, one-on-one practitioner contact continues to be the most practical and cost effective approach for working directly with the human nervous system. In this context, practitioners offer unique and soulful listening where true miracles unfold. 


Bodywork modalities utilized in a Biopoetics bodywork session (75 minutes) include:


-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

-Structural Integration

-Wholistic Manual Medicine (osteopathic-based manual therapy)

-Swedish Massage 

-Myofascial Release


-Touch for Health 


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