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(Osteopathic-Based Manual Therapy)

(Sensitive Bodywork for Acute Conditions)

At Biopoetics, healing services are meant to support the whole person over the long-term. The programs I will recommend might include bodywork, exercise, breath techniques, creative play, counseling, life-coaching, dietary changes and genetic-based nutritional supplements all designed to meet your present health situation and goals. I will only advise you of changes you can make on your own, using nonprescription products. You are the primary driver on your journey to health. 


Sessions in Santa Fe & Los Alamos

In person sessions: a combination of therapeutic approaches generally center around one of the following--Biodynamic Craniosacral or Wholistic Methylation. Cranial work serves to remove distractions from the nervous system that prevent the body from self-healing. Wholistic Methylation serves to remove genetic distractions from the body's biochemical pathways that prevent self-healing. 


I am not a physician. I am trained in Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) with an emphasis in nutrition, herbal medicine, trauma release, and physical movement as ways of improving overall health. I am a nationally Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST® #822), New Mexico licensed Massage Therapist (MT #6877), and trained in Wholistic Kinesiology through the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have studied Advanced Methylation with Dr. J Dunn. I am also a certified HeartMath Institute Coach-Mentor and can recommend holistic strategies for finding more peace and calm in your life. I offer Biopoetics Inner Guidance Coaching in person and at a distance. I have studied many other healing modalities and am grounded in earth-based wisdom as a foundation for deep healing and restoration of wellness. 


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